PS5 scarcity has reportedly led Sony to manufacture more PS4s than originally planned

To address the ongoing global shortage of PlayStation 5, Sony reportedly decided to produce more PlayStation 4 than originally planned in order to “fill the supply vacuum and keep players in the PlayStation ecosystem”.

As reported by Bloomberg, Sources say Sony has told assembly partners that it plans to produce PS4s during the course of 2022, despite plans to “stop assembling by the end of 2021”.

That strategy would add about a million PS4s to help prevent enough PS5s from being produced due to the global chip scarcity affecting so many parts of the technology world due to the challenges posed by the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic .

This number could be adjusted according to demand and the decision was made because “the older console uses less advanced chips, is easier to make and offers a budget-friendly alternative to the PS5”.

According to a Sony official who wanted to remain anonymous, this strategy is intended to “fill the supply vacuum and keep players in the PlayStation ecosystem”.

Additionally, the increase in PS4 console production appears to give Sony “more leeway in negotiating a better deal with manufacturing partners.”

Sony has confirmed to Bloomberg that PS4 production will continue in 2022, but has also denied that it plans to stop assembling its previous console.

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