Protect Your Data with Avast One: Versatile Antivirus Reduced by 60%

Internet is essential nowadays. Whether working remotely, performing online banking transactions or carefree surfing through countless websites: the World Wide Web has become an ubiquitous companion. However, this also means that Trojan or malware attacks can take place anywhere – and of course cybercriminals know this too. Compared to Q1/2022 alone, a global increase in ransomware attacks of 24% was recorded.

It is all the more important to protect you and your private data at all times. Avast One offers a global solution for security, privacy and Optimized device performance. The tool therefore protects not only against Ransomware and other types of malware, dangerous websites and phishing attacks like regular antivirus programs, but also contains a number more features, that further enrich your Internet security. A powerful vpn, the reinforced Protection of personal data as well as a variety of optimization tools are only part of it.

Protect your data with now Avast One and choose between the free Essentials version or the powerful Premium version, which will impress you with powerful extras and added features. With the latter, you can currently save up to 60%, if you choose that More security decide.

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