Proposed test winner: This is the best body fat scale

The Withings Body+ wins the test among the scales and leaves the competition far behind with an overall score of 1.2. The smart scale gets top marks in terms of equipment and function.

The design of the smart body fat scale is consistent. The screen is illuminated and easy to read even in low light.

Otherwise, the intelligent Withings Body+ can not only measure weight, but it distinguishes between bone and muscle mass as well as body water and fat percentage. The measured values ​​are then transferred to the “Withings Health Mate” application, in which the values ​​are saved. Unlike many other scales, the Withings not only connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth, but also to the more stable WLAN. The Withings Body+ can save up to eight profiles, but guest access is not available. Particularly clever: the Withings Body+ automatically recognizes the person being measured.

The smart device performs the measurement itself in the blink of an eye: the result is available after just nine seconds. The measurement accuracy is good, the only scale in our test that can outperform the result is the Soehnle Shape Sense Connect 50 (see on amazon).

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