Proper separation: which glass does not belong to the glass container

As a general rule, you are allowed to use glass packaging grocery stores (for example, bottles or jars such as pickle jars) as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic Dispose of glass containers (such as medicines or creams) in the glass waste container. You must empty them beforehand (rinsing is not necessary) and dispose of the lids in the yellow bag or with the residual waste. Modern glass processing plants can sort these closures, but with higher energy consumption. When disposing of waste glass, you should also look for the right colors – white, green and brown – Sort by. Waste glass with all other colors belongs in the container for green glass, as this is the type that is most likely to tolerate discoloration without the color being affected.

drinking glasses and window glasses can however Not in the container because they are made of a different glass composition than recycled glass. also belong Porcelain, ceramics and earthenware in the glass waste container. Some of them have a higher melting point than glass, which means they don’t melt completely and, in the worst case, can shut down entire recycling plants. Small quantities of all these substances belong to residual waste; for larger quantities, you should dispose of the broken pieces at the recycling center.

energy saving lamps and all kinds of bulbs maybe also Not in the glass waste container; You must also dispose of them at the recycling center. And as a general rule, if the glass item doesn’t fit through the opening of the container, it probably shouldn’t be thrown there either.

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