Profile photos with artificial intelligence: why everyone is suddenly using the Lensa app

Despite the huge hype, Lensa has some crucial hiccups. Besides the fact that the AI ​​behind the app is actually free for everyone, Lensa has come under criticism over privacy and copyright issues.

Lensa requires extended rights to uploaded content in the Terms of Use. Among other things, the company allows itself to use and resell user-created content as it sees fit. This allows you to freely use the images you create, but so does Lensa. Also, no one checks whether you are really uploading photos of yourself or someone else.

But Lensa can’t shine when it comes to copyright either. This is because the AI ​​Stable Diffusion image generator was trained for the learning process with 2.3 billion images. Of course, this also includes works by real artists whose style is copied by artificial intelligence. Sometimes even the signatures of the artists are taken over 1:1. Thus, Lensa does not create new works, but merely copies them.

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