President Joe Biden plans to be re-elected in 2024 if he is in good health

It’s been less than a year since Joe Biden was sworn in, but whether or not he would like to run again after his first term is an ongoing question, and he shares his intentions in a recent interview.

At a meeting with David Muir for abc news, Biden was asked if he had planned to run for re-election in 2024 and he simply said “yes”. He added, “But you see, I respect fate very much. Fate has intervened in my life many times. If I am healthy, I am in good health now. And in fact I would run again. “

He was then asked if he would run again if that meant facing Donald Trump again. With a smile on his face, Biden replied, “You are trying to tempt me now. For sure. Why shouldn’t I run for the candidate against Donald Trump? That increases the chances of running. “

Earlier this year, after his time at the White House was over, Donnie made it clear that he had plans to return. As before Trump was reportedly holding a farewell ceremony on the day of his inauguration as he made his way to Florida. Before getting on his plane, Trump said to a crowd of his supporters, “We’ll be back in some form.”

A few months later, he dropped more leads while speaking at the Conservative Congress. Then he was said, “We’ll win the Senate. And then a Republican president will return to the White House triumphantly. And I wonder who it will be. “

Before winning the presidency, Biden announced to David Muir that he intended to serve as president for eight years if elected.

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