Powerful tablets under 200 euros: These are the best models

The CHIP ranking includes more than 40 tablets in all performance and price ranges. Depending on the applications, high-end tablets like the iPad can even replace the notebook, while very simple tablets are only suitable for media consumption. Amazon’s inexpensive Fire tablets, for example, are not work devices, but are designed for shopping, reading and streaming movies and series. In principle, the same applies to all other tablets that cost less than around 200 euros – this class of tablets simply has too little power to work well with it. Of course, simple texts can also be written with it. And this is usually very convenient, since tablets usually support operation via USB keyboard and Bluetooth.

In the following table, we present you four compact tablets in one table, some of which meet high-end requirements and others which represent a cheap alternative but still easy to work with.

If you are looking for more general information on the various products as well as general information and advice on tablets, you should take a look at our detailed buying advice.

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