Powerbanks with the best capacity: the performance monsters of the CHIP laboratory

Some power banks shine with features such as wireless charging, huge power output, fast charging or flashlight. These are undoubtedly good extras. But they are of little use when it really matters – and you want or need to charge the smartphone or tablet as often as possible.

In order to know the power of the external battery, the specification of a manufacturer can be a first indication: the total capacity of an external battery is generally indicated in “mAh”, approximately 30,000 mAh. For comparison: the Samsung Galaxy S22 has a 3,700 mAh battery, the iPhone 14 has 3,279 mAh. You can roughly calculate how often you can fill your smartphone from 0-100% with a power bank charge.

However, the manufacturer’s specifications are really only a very rough guideline. In reality, the values ​​often deviate from this, as our tests regularly show. The Sweye Powerbank, for example, is advertised by the manufacturer with a capacity of 26,800 mAh, but the powerbank actually only has 11,476 mAh. The gap is therefore a whopping 15,324 mAh.

In the following table, we therefore show you three power banks from our test that have the highest measured capacity of all tested models.

If not only the total capacity is important to you, but you also expect certain features from a power bank, such as wireless charging, you should also consult our detailed buying advice. Below we also show you the top 15 power banks sorted by overall rating.

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