Power station with emergency lighting at Aldi: prepared for all eventualities

If it takes longer to get to the next outlet or you don’t want to do without all your mobile devices during your camping holiday, it’s definitely worth buying a power station. them Bresser Power Plantwhich you can currently order for 129 euros in the ALDI ONLINE SHOP (to offer) features approximately 24,000 mAh capacity, 80 watts continuous power, 120 watts peak power, multiple USB-A, USB-C ports, and DC and AC output each.

You can charge the power station with a solar panel (unfortunately not included), but also with the mains adapter using the electricity from the house or in the car. The small power station weighs just over a kilogram and, in addition to a carrying handle for easier transport, also has emergency lighting.

Our assessment: This device, which is more like a thicker battery in terms of capacity, is not necessarily suitable for bridging longer power outages or keeping larger devices connected to power. However, the device is quite suitable for small uses, traveling or camping, especially if you want to charge it with solar panels when there is enough sunlight.

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