Porsha Williams describes past encounters with R. Kelly (video)

During a recent episode of the Tamron Hall Show, Porsha Williams remained honest and shared some of her past experiences in her new book, The Pursuit of Porsha. The book’s timeframe takes place in her childhood and twenties where some crucial moments such as thinking about suicide and dealing with men are discussed. The 40-year-old reality star spoke openly about why she decided to reveal her previous dealings with R. Kelly.

If you remember, Porsha spoke to People on November 17th and shared a bit of her experience with the singer. However, subsequently, she went into greater detail while explaining to Tamron that, although she had a platform as a former cast member of “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” for ten years, she and other alleged victims revealed their trauma during the documentary. R. Kelly survive, ”she wasn’t ready to speak. This was because she was not yet healed. The reality star made it clear that she was an adult when the encounters with the singer took place, but said she does not know her self-worth and does not value herself.

Although Porsha mentioned R. Kelly’s name in her book, she says he’s not the only one to attribute the psychological abuse she has experienced. “He was just one of the men who had been a predator in my life, who had taken advantage of and mentally abused me. So I saw him no differently from the same men. The same darkness, the same treatment, they met and met the same Porsha who did not know their self-worth, “she explained. The mother and entrepreneur went on to explain that she did not love herself at the time.

As the conversation continued, Tamron asked Porsha about a sexual encounter with R. Kelly and why she wrote that she was getting into this situation. “I have blamed many victims, shamed myself, and that silenced me for a very long time to speak out against every sexual abuse I have come across in my life,” she recalls.

Roommate, it looks like Porsha opens up a lot in her book. Do you all grab a copy?

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