Pollutants in paper towels: you must keep your hands away from this product

They cut better rewe Best choice of recycled eco-friendly kitchen towels. They remain the only “very good” rating in the test. The good news for consumers is that at least 13 other brands received a “good” rating.

This includes big supermarket brands like this Edeka Naturliebe recycles kitchen towels, Alouette recycles kitchen towels by Rossman, Happy End Bee Happy! of penny and Kokett 4 paper towels Aldi North and South. Most of the cheapest paper towels are among the best in the test.

the You should keep your hands away from Budni Paper towel recycling, which was the only paper towel in the test to be rated “poor” and had a much too high chloropropanol 3-MCPD content.

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