Police warning: Crooks are using a treacherous trick to access your bank account

Bank customers can protect themselves by exercising caution. The website of one’s own bank should generally not be accessible via search engines, but always directly, in order to minimize the risk of accessing a phishing site. Fraudsters also try to obtain data via emails, which deceptively resemble those from the bank. In it, they claim that there is a sudden suspension, verification, update, legal change or something similar that requires you to act quickly. However, a link in the email then leads to a phishing site.

The National Criminal Police Office of Lower Saxony also warns against calls from fraudsters. If a suspected bank employee calls, sensitive data should never be mentioned or confirmed over the phone. Additionally, no TANs need to be entered, named or confirmed.

It is best to ask your own bank and report such cases. The National Criminal Police Board also advises potential victims to file a police report.

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