Pokémon Legends Arceus: Nintendo shows 13 minutes of gameplay

Nintendo has released a new 13-minute gameplay video showcasing Pokémon Legends Arceus. It provides an in-depth look at Arceus’ new take on the classic monster collecting game, including fighting and catching Pokémon in the wild.

The more open, world-like nature of Legends Arceus means that Pokémon can be trapped in and out of combat. You can try to sneak up on them and catch them unnoticed, or catch them in a more traditional way during battles. To gain an edge over your potential captures, you can throw objects to lure or distract Pokémon.

Going into battle with a Pokémon carries some risk as it can attack you directly. Should you take enough damage, you will eventually pass out and lose items. Therefore, you should be careful with particularly aggressive wild Pokémon, as items can be used to create new creations in the new looting and crafting system.

A detailed explanation of Pokémon Battles reveals that the turn-based system has been redesigned with a two-style system. Pokémon can attack with either strong style or agile, agile moves. Agile moves are less powerful but faster and may allow you to make another attack earlier. Strong style moves are the opposite: more devastating, but you risk delaying your next move. Using a combination of both will be essential to success, it seems.

Mini-boss-style Pokémon, known as Alpha Pokémon, can be found all over the world and are larger, stronger versions of classic favorites. The trailer features an Alpha Whale Rein with bright red eyes who is quite a tall boy compared to Raichu the trainer.

All noble Pokémon – Legends: Arceus

The biggest battles, however, seem to be Noble Pokémon boss fights. These are a mix of action-based sections where you have to both avoid attacks and throw “balm” at the boss, and then more traditional turn-based Pokémon battles.

Pokémon aren’t just used for fighting, however. As in the original games, they can also be used as mounts, but in Legends Arceus you can switch between traversing Pokémon in no time at all, e.g. B. from a ground-based mount to a flying Pokémon.

As always, trading is a big part of Pokémon games, and so Legends Arceus also lets you trade monsters with other players. The system can be seen in action in the trailer. We also take a look at the clothing and hairstyle customization options.

You can find more information about Pokémon Legends Arceus in the trailers on Hisui-Clans and Hisuian Voltorb as well as further details on the noble Pokémon.

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