Plies and Joe Budden challenge women to make better gifts this Christmas

Furious! It looks like men are being fed high with getting basic gifts for Christmas. That list even includes celebrities like Plies and Joe Budden, both of whom went to their individual Instagram accounts to beat up the ladies for thoughtless gifts. The gifts that sit on their chopping blocks include items of clothing like white t-shirts, socks, and sweaters.

No sweater for layers

Plies said he had to pause training on Friday to deliver an important message about gifts. He wasted no time getting into the subject and screaming, “I don’t want a muthafuc **** sweater.” As he wipes away dripping sweat, his energy fluctuates between screaming and out of breath.

“All this muthafuc **** pressure that I’ve been getting for 12 muthafuc **** months and here you come with a muthafuc **** sweater,” said Plies in the 30-second clip. “I don’t want a muthafuc **** sweater. Show me what this tail means for you. “

No underwear for Joe Budden

Like Plies, Joe Budden is not here to buy basic clothing for gifts. He hopped on his Instagram on Saturday to argue with the ladies about the issue. Joe began his request by describing what women have asked for all year round. Then he turned to describing the excuses women supposedly use for giving good gifts.

“All year, ladies, we’ve been listening to you telling us men you want a rich guy,” said Joe. “… You have all these little sayings … you all put it in all these songs … all this shit, you all got it right and here we are for Christmas. It’s time for the Christmas shop and you know all I’m hearing ‘Well what do you get from someone who has everything?’

He goes on to explain that he is confused by the feeling of not knowing what to give. His logic is that women had time all year round to plan and find the perfect gift.

“What did you think of? Haven’t you studied your husband Haven’t you looked at that ni *** who kept you all year? ”Asked Joe Budden. “What did you do on vacation, on trips, on yacht trips, on NBA games? What have you been thinking about

Joe warns of a bad gift

Joe says we have seven days left, and this is the time women take care of their husbands. He ended his message with a warning that choosing the wrong gift means the consequences will show up on Valentine’s Day.

“Tank tops and socks won’t make it this year, even for this little Hanes 5-pack of white t-shirts it’s over,” wrote Joe in his caption. “Get creative or tell your group chat why you are suddenly free on New Year’s Eve !!!”

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