PlayStation 5 available for pre-order: Get the PS5 here

The PS5 situation has improved considerably, as you can currently pre-order the Sony PlayStation 5 at select retailers. Delivery may take a few weeks, but at least it’s better than hoping to hit the buy button in the right millisecond with every drop.

You currently have a very good chance at Amazon (see in store) and at MediaMarkt (see in store), but a look at other dealerships may also be worthwhile.

Here you are currently most likely to get a PlayStation 5

In our experience, you have the best chance with these dealers:

  • PlayStation 5 deals on Amazon
  • PlayStation 5 deals at Media Markt
  • PlayStation 5 deals at Euronics
  • PlayStation 5 deals at Alternate
  • PlayStation 5 deals at Expert
  • PlayStation 5 deals at MyToys

Below are some other links to special PS5 releases. However, you’ll have better luck if you’re not looking for a specific build, as you might miss some bundles that are also worth checking out.

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