Plans abandoned: the smartphone giant is largely withdrawing from the European market

As US magazine Politico reports, Huawei will now severely restrict its operations in Europe after its devices were banned from the US market. The effects of the American embargo on the European market are too strong. The company is now burying its ambitions of becoming a world leader in the communications market and intends to focus on the Chinese market.

According to Politico, the focus in Europe will be on Germany, Spain and Hungary, the last countries that are still willing to cooperate. However, security concerns are often expressed there.

However, Europe has never been able to bring itself to a complete ban on Huawei. Today, the company anticipates such an action by withdrawing from its commercial activities. And announces a little sardonically: “Westerns have been listened to. This is no longer the case … No one is listening”, says a Huawei employee working in Europe.

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