Photo books: the best suppliers at a glance

Photo books are always in vogue. Because if everything is available digitally on smartphones, tablets etc. and can be shared quickly on social networks, a photo book has that little something extra: it is above all private and much more personal. In addition, it is much more fun to admire the special shots printed on paper.

CHIP tested and compared 11 photo book providers. They had to assert themselves in the categories of quality (sharpness and brilliance of colours), delivery time, service and design. We have differentiated between digital printing and photo paper printing as they are very different. We have therefore selected a test winner and a price tip for each manufacturing process.

digital printing test winner The supplier is distinguished by excellent image quality and short delivery times. lidl also offers very decent quality and is also significantly cheaper. When printing on photo paper Digital room recommended and the asset with exceptional image quality. You can get a good photo book for half price Photo paradise (dm). Our price advice convinces with very fast delivery and excellent workmanship.

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