As the seasons change and retailers launch their finest outerwear, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) takes on brands that sell clothing made from real leather and animal fur.

More specifically, PETA recently launched a satirical online shop called Urban Outraged that supposedly sells items made from “human parts”. The shop is said to have criticized retailers like Urban Outfitters for supporting cruelty to animals.

According to a press release from PETA, the store’s clothing and accessories are “made of the finest leather – which at second glance reveals human faces on jackets, human teeth on shoes and human blood from pockets.”

PETA’s executive vice president, Tracy Reiman, made an exclusive statement The New York Post, Compare cruelty to animals with that of humans.

“A cow’s skin is hers, and she feels as much fear and pain in a slaughterhouse as you or I,” said Reiman. “Urban Outraged by PETA challenges shoppers to see the individual behind every piece of animal skin on the shelves and shelves.”

While PETA states that the site has fictional items that are not actually for sale, the site also has fictional reviews of each product. There is also an “Afterlife Collection”, which offers customers the service of having the skin of a deceased transformed into clothing.

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