Pensioners can earn up to 840 euros per month – without tax deductions

There are specific cases in which retirees in mini-jobs can increase their tax-free and tax-free monthly income supplement: This applies to coaches of sports clubs as well as coaches, educators or supervisors as part of the coaching package. In these cases, the monthly amount increases by 250 euros, excluding taxes and customs duties. This explains the “Handelsblatt”. This means that a “model” mini-jobber already earns a tax-free income of 770 euros per month.

But even more is possible: anyone who takes on a voluntary position can also do so. another 70 euros per month tax free.

If you add up all these possible additional tax-free incomes, then the following applies: Retired people who work as trainers and have a mini-job as well as volunteers can earn up to 840 euros per month take tax free.

Admittedly, this combination may not apply to too many retirees. But if you can take advantage of these opportunities, you absolutely must. Worth it!

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