Oxford High School Shooter Identified as Ethan Crumbley – Charged with First Degree Murder and Terrorism (Update)

According to Associated press, the shooter accused of the mass shooting at Oxford High School is 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley.

On Wednesday, Oakland County Attorney Karen McDonald did not provide a motive but said the incident, which claimed four lives, was premeditated. She also said that there was a “mountain of digital evidence” that was collected by the police.

Crumbley has been charged with attempted murder, murder and terrorism resulting in death.

Just hours earlier, officials revealed that Crumbey’s father had bought the gun he used four days before the mass shooting.

According to reports, the semi-automatic weapon used by the accused 15-year-old killer during the mass shooting was bought on November 26th, just four days before the tragic incident.

It is also reported that the police also ransacked the shooter’s home and taken “several long guns.”

Crumbley reportedly posted a cryptic message on social media before the school shooting.

“And it seems the signs were there on social media. Before its pages were removed, the alleged shooter posted a countdown that looked like a countdown.

Expressing feelings about the shooting, President Biden said, “My heart goes out to the families who are bearing the unimaginable grief over the loss of a loved one,” adding, “This whole community must be in shock right now.”

Crumbley is being held in the Oakland County Children’s Village, a juvenile detention center. He has also been put on suicide watch and is checked every 15 minutes.

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