Oven cleaner: experts recommend these agents

ÖKO-TEST has tested a total of 15 oven cleaners (edition 9/2022). In addition to well-known or high-priced brand products, there are also inexpensive own brands from supermarkets, discounters & Co. among the tested products. The products were examined, among other things, for critical ingredients, handling and exposure time.

A hands-on test also tested the cleaners’ ability to remove burnt-on grease and sugar from horizontal and vertical surfaces. Since many agents do not adhere well to vertical surfaces and may therefore have a less effective effect, the cleaning performance of most products is only “adequate” or even “insufficient”.

Out of 15 products, none was rated “very good”. Nine oven cleaners are rated “good”, one is still “satisfactory”. The rest finish the test with the overall rating “good enough”, including well-known brands such as Bref or Wepos.

Since fumes from oven cleaner are potentially toxic and can also enter food after cleaning, you should heat the oven to maximum temperature for approximately 15-30 minutes after cleaning and before using again. then let it evaporate.

We present the best models in more detail in the following table. The detailed test report with all results read paying at ÖKO-TEST.

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