Order Google Pixel with Vodafone rate, get 200 euros

The action is actually explained quickly – and at first it doesn’t seem particularly spectacular: at the end of a Vodafone mobile phone contract (minimum duration of 24 months) with the Google Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro or Pixel 6a Is there a BestChoice voucher worth 200 euros given. As part of the parallel “GigaDeal of the Month”, in which the Price of the device only one euro amounts, as well as a Starting balance between 150 and 200 euros bargain hunters are likely to prick up their ears. The main thing is that you get a very good price plan with an all-network plan and high-speed Internet at an unbeatable price, especially since there are no connection fees or shipping costs.

Unlike mobile phone discounters and third-party providers, you surf here no speed limit right in Vodafone network including 5G and also benefit from the so-called GigaDepot. Means: Unused data volume does not expire at the end of the month, but is automatically carried over to the following month.

Important: To obtain the 200 euro voucher, you must first register on the promotional page sign up with your email address. You will then be redirected to vodafone.de, where you can select the desired smartphone and tariff (GigaMobil S, M or L). Once the contract has been successfully concluded and the cancellation period has expired, you will receive an e-mail with your BestChoice voucher, which you can exchange for a voucher of your choice – for example Amazon.

The starting credit of 150 or 200 euros is valid from the second invoice until exhaustion. Accordingly, there is no charge for the second, third and fourth pro-rated months. In total, this corresponds to a price advantage of up to 400 euros.

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