Opal C1 is a $ 300 compact webcam with DSLR-like camera quality

If you want to improve your camera quality for video calls or streams but don’t want to invest in (or justify an investment) in a DLSR camera, Opal’s new webcam may be for you.

the Opal C1 is a $ 300 desktop webcam that will bring you better quality video whether you want to use it for your work meetings, zoom parties, or as a camera for streaming on Twitch. The C1 has an f1.8 lens that Opal says will bring in more than twice as much light as other webcams on the market. The C1 also includes a Sony 4K image sensor, marketed at five times the resolution of other webcams in the market, and reputedly offering “the brightest lights” and “darker blacks”.

A screenshot of Opal comparing its C1 webcam to the built-in MacBook webcam and a Canon EOS R DLSR camera.

A screenshot of Opal comparing its C1 webcam to the built-in MacBook webcam and a Canon EOS R DLSR camera.

The Opal C1 also includes MicMesh, a collection of microphones that use machine learning to perform tasks like smart noise cancellation, which is designed to filter out noises like typing on your keyboard or your dog barking in the background.

The Opal C1 also includes software support called Opalsoft which is currently in beta. With the software you can switch the manual brightness, filters and other functions. Opal’s website states that Opalsoft is free for early adopters. Opal would later like to update the software with new features like “Studio Sound”, which should allow the webcam’s microphones to produce sound that rivals a professional podcast microphone (without actually having to buy one).

There are some reservations about the Opal C1, however. The C1 currently only supports Mac computers, but Opal says so Windows support later in 2022. In addition, you can currently only buy the C1 by invitation. Even then, $ 300 could be expensive for those looking for a high-end webcam compared to similar and lower-priced competitors like the Dell UltraSharp 4K or the Logitech StreamCam.

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