Ooni pizza oven at a bargain price: 20% off everything

In addition to pizza ovens, the Ooni online store offers many accessories for the pleasure of cooking outdoors – the Black Friday discount as well. If necessary, you can also order charcoal, pellets, lighters, bowls, serving boards, pizza cutters and tables on which the oven can be safely placed. Matching covers, carrying bags and (spare) bricks are also available. Tired of pizza, let you in cast iron pans also prepare other oven dishes.
There are no shipping costs from 15 euros order value, which is not a problem with Ooni. But beware: despite the 20% discount, you can get many accessories from third-party manufacturers or other retailers, in some cases significantly cheaper – a savings tip if the brand is irrelevant. With pans, for example, you only have to make sure that they are heat-resistant and hold in the oven.

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