Only until January 19: Which vintage should now exchange driving license

The driving license offices are responsible for the exchange – i.e. the town hall, the district office or the administrative department of the district. emphasizes: Ideally, data subjects should already submit the request now. The processing time is currently three to five weeks. Shortly before the deadline, there could be a rush with the authorities, which in turn could push the term back considerably.

The exchange takes place without a health examination and costs around 26 euros. Affected persons only have to count on a supplement if the exchange takes place in the urgent (express) procedure or if the new driving license has to be sent by post. Not all authorities offer this service.

Charges are also due if the key number is also entered or if a second entry has to be made. In Munich, this amounts to an additional 28.60 euros.

A biometric photo ID must accompany the application. The professional photographer charges between 12 and 30 euros for this. At the photo booth at the station, you can get the necessary passport photo from five euros. However, it is advisable to have the biometric passport photo taken by a photographer, as there are certain regulations on the appearance of the biometric passport photo.

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