Only a Browser Can Do It: Hidden Feature Improves Bad Videos

It’s best to play around with Lucid mode yourself if you often come across videos that need to be improved in quality. Our first tests show that the new feature still has a lot of room for improvement.

It’s not like Lucid Mode creates a wow effect and bad videos suddenly look brilliant. Even if Opera’s advertising department advertises it like this, you cannot attract attention with very poor quality. However, sometimes we weren’t even sure if the new mode was activated or not, we couldn’t tell the difference.

If you look closely, you can see the sharpening effect on some of the displayed objects. The video as a whole doesn’t really improve in most cases. It’s a shame, we think the idea of ​​in-browser video optimization is basically a good one. Opera will perhaps go a little further.

What does more harm than good is the lucid mode for images. In the case of screenshots, for example, images that are correct in the original are suddenly displayed with irregular writing.

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