One power for everything: 3 letters are crucial on chargers

In practice, gallium nitride has a number of advantages that people like to carry with them when it comes to chargers:

  • They can charge very fast with high power
  • The charging power is often sufficient for several devices at the same time
  • The power supplies themselves do not heat up much
  • Fast chargers can be made more compact

A downside is that GaN fast chargers are still expensive in comparison. Also, although the devices are compact, that doesn’t mean they are lightweight. If you have a GaN power supply in your hand, you are often surprised how much the little things weigh.

Additionally, even with GaN models, third-party chargers may not be able to cope with device manufacturers’ proprietary charging techniques. This means that a laptop might not charge to full power, even though the power supply might actually supply enough power.

The bottom line is that GaN power supplies have what it takes to be a charger for everything in the future. Not only would it be handy when traveling, but also on your desk.

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