On the trail of London, Summer Walker accuses London of releasing his daughter for Clout

Summer Walker may be done with London On Da Track, but she hasn’t finished condemning him on social media for his parenting skills! Things between Summer and London were seemingly bumpy between the two, until Summer declared that she “hates” her child’s father and wished he was no longer in her or her daughter’s life.

Summer Walker ran a series of messages for London after posting a few photos and videos with her daughter over the weekend. Apparently, Summer did not feel the posts and accused London of having published her baby because of her influence, among other things.

“You haven’t seen my child for almost 2 months, no phone call, no FaceTime, no nothing. You didn’t ask for a picture of either me or the nanny and when you finally get it, is that the first thing that comes to mind? ”Referring to a video published in London showing Bubbles an icy chain wearing. “It’s not one of your little cars or props that you can just post to make an impact. I wish you would just go. “

Some of the posts included screenshots of text messages apparently running between London and Summer when Summer asked her ex-boyfriend about a bruise Baby Bubbles had when she came home from her father’s house. Additionally, Summer claimed her daughter didn’t have a bedroom or playroom in her father’s house, likening leaving Bubbles with London to leaving her with a stranger.

“I basically leave my child with a stranger,” she wrote. “I feel uncomfortable. Why neither of them can even show me a picture of their room in ATL. She is 8 months. You had a lot of time to get her a room. She probably sleeps on a cheap folding bed that you can get from Target, which you all put in the corner. “

Also referring to her new boyfriend as Bubbles’ stepfather, Summer said she doesn’t need London in her life.

London On Da Track has yet to respond to Summer’s claims.

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