Often stated differently on the packaging: a simple trick improves your frozen pizza

The trick is also circulating on Reddit. For example, you should not put frozen pizzas directly from the freezer into the oven, but let them thaw completely first. This makes the edge of the pizza noticeably crisper, the taste seems fresher overall, and the topping is less burnt.

an opinion: Make sure the pizza is not left out too long without refrigeration. If you only want to eat the pizza in a few hours or the next day, you should definitely keep the dish in the freezer.

So why isn’t this advice on the packaging?

The instructions on the packaging are often standardized. This means that frozen pizza must also be prepared at home under exactly the same conditions as in the manufacturer’s laboratory, namely frozen. This way you get the best possible cooking result and customers cannot complain about incorrect information. For this reason, the packaging advises you to preheat the oven – although you don’t have to.

If you defrost the pizza before cooking, the indicated cooking time will be reduced by a few minutes. To avoid burning the pizza, it is better to watch it.

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