obode A8+, please take over!

Depending on how fast it needs to go, you can use the obode A8+ either only vacuuming or wiping or both at the same time.

Also on obode wiping function worked hard, Example carpets: Thanks to ultrasound, the A8+ recognizes exactly when it needs to lift the back plate on which the mop rests by one centimeter so that your carpet does not get wet when you drive over it. This not only prevents odor nuisance and the formation of germs in damp carpets, but also protects your precious Persians at the same time.

Once docked, the A8+ also automatically lifts the mop to allow it to air dry. This means that no mold forms and the fabric does not emit the typical smell of a damp mop. And by the way: in this case, you only have to lend a hand if you remove the mop to wash it.

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