O2 celebrates its own network, but omits important information

When it comes to the average download speed with a 5G-enabled mobile phone, O2 even takes second place behind Telekom. This too recognizes such progress Connect Magazine and summarizes: “O2/Telefónica has achieved the strongest point increase among German providers this year.

However, all these points cannot hide the fact that the O2 network is the worst compared to other offers. Writing that O2 made “the biggest leap in quality among all German network providers” may be correct.

However, boasting of such “success” as the final runner-up seems like a stretch. Why not be transparent? Why not write that even if you are only third, you were able to improve certain areas of your own network? And you want to build on that? Telefonica’s message is unnecessarily exaggerated.

Disappointed O2 customers in particular, who can’t make calls smoothly or whose daily lives are riddled with internet dropouts, likely feel alienated by such messages.

Comparator of mobile telephony tariffs | December 2022

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