Now citizens’ money: Millions of people will soon receive more money from the state

Hartz IV is dead, at least the so-called unemployment benefit II must be replaced by the new citizen’s allowance from 2023. Citizen’s income should not be confused with an unconditional basic income, because all citizens n are not entitled to it.

The Citizens’ Income is a basic security benefit for job seekers and aims to ensure that these people can meet their basic needs (minimum subsistence).

Anyone who was previously entitled to unemployment benefit II or social allowance – there are currently 5.2 million people in Germany – will now be entitled to citizen’s allowance. There should be no need to submit new applications for this.

Currently, the government coalition and the Union have agreed on a compromise in the mediation committee, and the Bundestag and the Bundesrat should agree this week, so that the Citizen’s income on January 1, 2023 can start.

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