Norman Reedus heats the fire of those who think he’ll play the MCU’s Ghost Rider

Could Norman Reedus be the ghost rider of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The Walking Dead star has long been suggested as a potential ghost rider – a motorcycle stuntman who is tied to the Spirit of Vengeance and has attained supernatural powers. Now it looks like Reedus might be interested himself.

A recent Twitter post seems to suggest he is at least thinking about it.

In addition to the tweet above, in which Reedus linked to a fan-created picture of himself as a Ghost Rider, he was too I like a lot of tweets from the fans who propose him for the role of Johnny Blaze.

Additionally, Giant freakin ‘robot reports that Norman Reedus has already signed up for Ghost Rider and will join the MCU. The folks at Giant Freakin Robot have had a good track record of exclusive movie news over the past few years – confirms Ryan Gosling has been cast in the upcoming Barbie movie, among other.

And Reedus himself isn’t shy about his comic strip endeavors.

During an interview with Earlier this year, Reedus announced that he would like to join the MCU as Marvel’s Ghost Rider.

“I want to play Ghost Rider,” he confirmed. “The Ghost Rider conversation has been going on for years and yes, tell them to join me.”

Ghost Rider was last played by Nicolas Cage in the non-MCU (and critically panned) Movies, Ghost Rider (2007) and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011). And while Cage is unlikely to return in the role, Ghost Rider could be a great addition to the MCU. Even though we saw the character in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD recently

After all, with Sony brings Morbius onto the big screen and Marvel is working on the relaunch Blade with Mahershala Ali, there is definitely a place where more supernatural anti-heroes like Ghost Rider show up alongside them.

Whether or not Reedus will get the comic book role remains to be seen. But it looks like he’s still interested.

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