NordVPN 3 months free: Secure CHIP deal now

Of course, the features mentioned above only represent the basic structure, which countless other VPN providers can also display in this form. What sets NordVPN apart from the crowd is, among other things, a very fast connection thanks to the new NordLynx Technologypractice Browser add-ona large number of servers (more than 5,300 servers in 60 countries) and CyberSec. The latter allows you to block malware and ads. Plus, save NordVPN according to their own statements no user data and therefore cannot pass them on to third parties.

It’s also interesting thank you SmartPlay Web content from other countries can be activated via NordVPN – for example from well-known streaming providers. Finally, there is what is called Immobilizer, which makes sense of VPNs in the first place. This ensures that all internet traffic always goes through a VPN server. If not, the connection is simply terminated until a secure VPN line can be established again.

Our software experts at the CHIP test center tested NordVPN for several months and rated the software as “very good” (to be tested). Security and data protection are particularly important. As already mentioned, NordVPN does not store any log files – so it does not record which pages you are surfing on, what your real IP address is and also not when you use the VPN. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice speed: NordVPN has the VPN protocol WireGuard implemented, which promises particularly fast and stable connections.

You get NordVPN’s two-year license exclusively through CHIP for only 89.64 instead of 96.07 euros. as prime NordVPN adds 3 more months.

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