Nobody will save the world on Xbox and PC later this month

The new game Nobody Saves the World from Drinkbox Studios is a unique action RPG in which players slip into the role of Nobody and transform themselves into a variety of different, crazy forms. And there are only a few weeks left until the release.

The guacamelee! Developers announced that Nobody Saves the World will be available on January 18 for Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Windows and Steam for $ 24.99. It will also be available on Xbox and PC through Xbox Game Pass, allowing subscribers to jump into the action on day one, either solo or online co-op.

Additionally, the soundtrack of Nobody Saves the World by Sword and Sworcery composer Jim Guthrie will be available on Steam and streaming platforms on the day of Nobody’s release.

IGN went into practice with Nobody Saves the World early last year and found that Drinkbox’s penchant for charming, hilarious writing and world building was maintained while offering a unique approach to RPG advancement in its diverse world.

Since then, we’ve learned a bit more about how players combine and harness the powers of Nobody’s many shapes, Drinkbox’s approach to choosing and building those shapes, and more.

Nobody will be Drinkbox’s first online co-op game either, although previous games from the studio had local multiplayer. Co-op will be playable with other players in the same platform ecosystem.

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