No one can see all the matches: with this mobile application you will never miss a goal

If you want to watch up to four World Cup matches per day live, you need to set aside plenty of time. The first matches of the World Cup start at 11 a.m., the evening matches do not start until 8 p.m. If you want to follow World Cup matches as live as possible, you either need a full holiday until shortly before Christmas or a quick live app on your mobile phone.

FotMob, which is available for free for Android and iOS, works great. The app is not only quick when declaring goals, but also scores with some cool tricks. For example, the app uses Live Activities on newer iPhones. So you can track game scores right on the lock screen.

Setup is simple, you just need to choose the teams and events you want to follow. The focus is currently on the World Cup, but the app also keeps you informed live about the Bundesliga, the Champions League and many other competitions. A user account is not absolutely necessary for this, but you can create one to sync settings across multiple devices.

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