“No chance in hell”

“What’s higher than number one?” JayZ rarely shows up on social media, but when he does, your best bet is to believe he’s always breaking the Innanet! This morning he hopped on Twitter Spaces to endorse Alicia Keys as she was promoting her latest album, Keys, and the Verzuz topic came up. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rapper spoke about his New York colleague Jadakiss’s performance during the fight, saying it was one of the best performances of the year. However, his comments about the possibility of going hit after hit against any artist whose name is trending on Twitter.

Jay closed everything with his answer that no one could be on stage with him. “Nobody can stand on this stage with me“Said the rapper. “There’s no way the hell anyone can stand on this stage with me. You have to be in front of the Grammy Family Freestyle live? ”The conversation was tweeted live on TIDAL and they made sure they heard everything the legendary rapper had to say.

He also brought up his wife when he talked about comparing the King of Pop Michael Jackson and Beyoncé. “Bey will be pissed off if he says that, but Michael Jackson never had a Coachella. She is a further development of him because she watched him when she was 9. and [the kids are] the same. Hov also brought up Coachella and asked the question: “Are you looking for a concert that is as culturally relevant and exciting as Coachella?” He boasted one more time about his wife, stating that Bey will be one of the best singers we’ve ever heard because she’s such a student.

Not long after the Twitter Spaces ended, Coachella was an online trend. Roommate, do you agree with Jay’s comments about the California Festival? Leave a comment and let us know!

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