Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase December 2021: Everything announced

Nintendo ends the year with a final Indie World Showcase with a look ahead to 2022. Check out all the adorable, charming indie games coming to the Switch, including a JRPG recap, beautiful puzzle games, and a critically acclaimed RPG from a popular designer.

Below is everything that was announced at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase for December 2021.

Sea of ​​stars

A JRPG-inspired prequel to The Messenger. Sea of ​​Stars follows a moon monk and a solar blade dancer who work together to stop an evil force. Developer Sabotage Studio promises a profound classic RPG story and a freely accessible world. Plus music by Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda. Upcoming Holidays 2022.

River City Girls 2

As a sequel to River City Girls, there are now six playable characters in the roster. Get ready to battle your way through new locations in a bigger city and battle with new moves and techniques in this modern beat ’em up. Coming to Switch in summer 2022.


Omori was developed and designed by the artist Omocat and is located between two strange worlds, each with friends and enemies. Play through this story and discover the secrets of your forgotten past. The critically acclaimed role-playing game will be released for Nintendo Switch in spring 2022.

Allisha – Forgetting the twin goddesses

Taiwanese studios Underscore developed this 3D puzzle game that allows you to control twin sisters either alone or in co-op. Aisha and Lisha need to work together, exchange clues and operate various devices so that you can penetrate deeper into the mysterious temple. Aliisha – The Oblivion of Twin Goddesss will be released in spring 2022.

Locomotive motif

From Robust Games, a classic point-and-click adventure game aboard the Royce Express. When there is murder, attorney, undercover agent, and amateur investigator players must solve the mystery as they work to prove their innocence if they become the prime suspects. Coming to Switch in summer 2022.

After Love EP

A modern story about music and love. After losing his girlfriend, a young musician named Rama must recapture himself in a game that combines a visual novel with a rhythm game. Multiple endings mean you can repeat it to complete your next EP. Coming to Switch in summer 2022.

Dungeon nibbles

A 2D side scrolling action platformer where you play as an undead necro boss named Simmer. Hunt monsters for cooking and eating, then gain their powers. Mix and match ingredients to create around 100 dishes that will give you skills that suit your play style. Comes to Switch later today.

Photo 2: Creed Valley

Play in a rhythmic world driven by a human mind who is overwhelmed by nightmares in this musical puzzle adventure game. In the sequel to Figment, players solve environmental puzzles and compete against symphonic bosses. Coming out February 2022 with a free demo for Nintendo Switch that will be available later today.

Let’s play! Oink games

A collection of board games developed by Oink Games. Play the investor-themed Startups board game or play as a scammer in A Fake Artist Goes to New York. Oink Games can be played either locally or online, and new titles will be available over time. Coming to Nintendo Switch today.

Endling – instinct is forever

An environmentally conscious game about a fox navigating an ecologically devastated earth. Help your young animal friends to avoid danger to humans and the environment. As the last mother fox, you must keep your three cubs alive in a game that combines camouflage, survival and adventure. Hunt other animals and teach your young new skills, but not every youngster could survive. Comes to Switch in spring 2022.

OlliOlli world

Skateboard your way through trippy cool environments as you skate towards “Gnarvana” where you will battle in ranked skates and climb the leaderboards. Everything in Radlandia. Coming to Nintendo Switch on February 8, 2022, with pre-orders starting today.

The critically acclaimed painting adventure game, where you’ll use your painting skills to solve puzzles and help the world, is out today for Nintendo Switch.


A stealth puzzle that is controlled like a media player. Use your skills to see future events and plan your escape accordingly as you sneak past enemies and manipulate time. Timelie and a free demo will be released on Nintendo Switch later this day.

Don’t starve together

The Gothic multiplayer survival game Don’t Starve Together lets players work together to unravel the secrets of “The Constant”. Players can try the game for free from December 15th to 21st and take their score with them when purchasing the full version.

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