Nintendo Switch eShop will not be available for some players on Christmas Day 2021

While it may be the best time of the year for some, the servers at Nintendo are having some issues as Christmas Day brought yet another wave of new and old Switch consoles trying to buy new games and play them online.

Some of those who have unpacked a brand new Switch for the holidays are greeted with an error message from Nintendo when they try to buy a game, browse the eShop, or even redeem a gift card.

“We are currently having difficulties with our network services”, Nintendo’s network maintenance information / operational status page says. “Please try again later. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

This outage seems to affect not only those who use a Nintendo Switch, but also those who are still playing Wii U or 3DS.

Earlier this week, Nintendo warned that its servers would be overloaded on Christmas weekend and encouraged those buying a Switch for a loved one to set it up ahead of time – which is always good advice for any new console.

Nintendo’s warning only mentioned creating a Nintendo Account, not buying games or anything else. This problem is not new as last year’s Christmas weekend saw many people around the world suffered a similar outage.

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