Nicolas Cage reveals the tragic reason why he gave up karaoke

Nicolas Cage has announced that he has finally hung up his karaoke microphone after a clip singing a punk version of Purple Rain went viral.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter At his annual actor roundtable, the 57-year-old karaoke star (and actor) explained why he gave up his favorite hobby.

“Well, karaoke was like therapy for me until someone videotaped my punk rock version of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ and it went everywhere and I said, ‘I don’t go to karaoke anymore,'” Cage said.

Cage will soon be starring in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.  Photo credit: RLJE Films.

Cage will soon be starring in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. Photo credit: RLJE Films.

“Don’t steal the present from the world,” replied Andrew Garfield. “You have to pass on.”

Cage was filmed in a punk rock version of Prince’s Purple Rain in 2019 – a clip that found its way onto the internet and took the internet by storm.

Unfortunately, it looks like Cage wrote off singing due to his viral karaoke experience despite his apparent love of the arts. Fortunately, he says he will never stop acting.

“Well, singing is therapy, I think. Absolutely, ”explained Cage. “Karaoke should be private. It’s like a prayer. “

After renouncing karaoke, Cage also commented on the casting process.

“[It’s] terrifying, ”he said. “It really is the worst.”

“In a casting office, how would you really know if something is great?” He added. “If it were really great, it would be different from anything they’d seen before, it would be original, and that would probably scare them. You won’t know the size when you see it. You don’t know any better than we do. You don’t. We know. We know what to bring with us. We know our instrument. “

“Either very rarely do they have the eye of where to go, ‘Oh, wow, I felt it,’ or they will by and large be scared of what my experience was,” added Cage.

Nicolas Cage becomes the next star in The unbearable weight of massive talent, a strange thriller in which the actor plays himself, who is assigned by the CIA to do the strangest undercover missions. He’s also ready to play the iconic screen monster Dracula in the upcoming movie, Renfield.

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