Next-gen versions of Apex Legends could be on the way soon

A next-gen version of Apex Legends could be right around the corner, with reports suggesting a PS5 native version of the game has been found on PSN.

A recent tweet from the PlayStation Game Size Twitter account (below), reporting results from across PSN’s database for new game additions and file sizes, suggests that a PS5 version of the game is now weighing in on the service’s backend initially 80GB. The current PS4 forward compatible version of the game is around 55GB for an initial download.

It’s well known that a next-gen release for Apex Legends has been in the works for some time, with Respawn openly discussing the idea in several Reddit AMAs last year. In February the developer noticed that it was aiming for 120 FPS for the update, but stated that it will continue to review a number of features to find the right balance for the game.

The developer then went on to talk about the update during a separate AMA in August. When asked if there’s an ETA for the upcoming version of the game, the developer said, “WISH I had an update to share, but we can’t say anything definitive at the moment. […] Trust us, it’s in the works and we’re excited about it too.”

Analyst MauroNL agreed that a next-gen update would be coming soon, and suggested that the PS5 version will offer 120 FPS, booster resolution and higher graphic fidelity – and that there will be an Xbox Series equivalent version:

Respawn itself hasn’t mentioned anything about an upcoming update. However, with the game’s Season 12 set to begin on February 8th, the developer may be waiting to wrap new versions into a broader set of updates.

For more information on Apex Legends, check out this article, which details how the game’s director, Chad Grenier, announced his departure from the company last month.

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