Next attempt: Bundesdruckerei presents digital driving license for mobile phones

So now a new attempt: Bundesdruckerei, together with the city of Fürth, presented a prototype driving license for smartphones. The digital driving license is created as part of the ONCE project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics.
Like Christian Werner, the ONCE project manager responsible for the city of Fürth, told Bayerischer Rundfunk that the new pilot project pursues a different approach and promises that data security is the top priority. What happens if the mobile phone is stolen or lost? What if there is no network? We must also find solutions to these questions.

At the moment, the prototype seems to be in an early phase. According to Bayerischer Rundfunk, it is currently being tested how citizens can handle the implementation of the digital driving license. In about a year, the technology should be sufficiently sophisticated. In addition, the police must be equipped with the necessary technology. Exactly when the digital driving license will actually arrive in Germany has not yet been determined.

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