Bots are becoming a bigger and bigger problem in Amazon’s New World MMO, and this time they are coming for your fish. PC player reported.

While bots are a problem when an MMO is launched, players on the New World subreddit report an apparent increase in bots reaching higher levels, suggesting problems with bot reporting and bans.

“In the last week I saw another huge influx of bots on my server,” writes Reddit User JustDaveInTheLBC. “But they are all on a higher level now, 20s and 30s. They are fully engaged in harvesting and mining. Do other servers see that again? I reported the same bot three times in three days. It is getting really annoying with bots to compete for materials. “

YouTuber gladly even made a game of spotting bots in the wild and analyzing their behavior and movements in the game. Gladd points out that characters are throwing fishing rods into currently empty lakes and darting between empty ore deposits. At some point, he comes across a bot who makes the same purring movement, and then seconds later another character who displays the same bot-like behavior. Literally seconds later, he encounters a third identical character.

Other gamers express their anger at Amazon for apparently allowing bots to do what they want, despite the gamblers filing multiple reports.

A Reddit user described a bot that fished in the same place 18 hours a day and continued to affect in-game item prices despite “hundreds” of reports.

“It’s impossible for marine fish in Restless on Mag Mell because literally every hotspot has a bot that has been camping on it for weeks, and I reported them daily,” wrote user Ralisti in the New World Forums.

Without more input from Amazon, it’s hard to tell how deep the bot problem really is. IGN reached out to Amazon PR for a comment.

New World has suffered from a number of exploits affecting the in-game economy, including repeated gold duplication issues and an ongoing currency crisis. The changes made in the latest update have also generated a lot of backlash from gamers and led Amazon to apologize. Despite the difficulty of launching a new MMO, New World has climbed to the top of the most played Steam games of 2021.

Joseph Knoop is a writer / producer / bot for IGN.

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