Amazon Games’ New World has received a lot of attention in the past few months, both positively and negatively, including a gold duplication exploit. While Amazon worked to fix the problem the first time around, a new gold-replicating exploit raised its head.

In New World, this new exploit includes the asset transfer function between players. Allegedly this allows exploit Players to duplicate their trophies, which are valuable endgame items that can be sold for lots of gold. As the supply of trophies in the New World increased, the average price for them fell in the game’s economy.

Screenshots from New World Review

“We are aware of a possible duplication exploit that is circulating on forums and social media,” wrote Amazon Games in a statement. “We are disabling all forms of inter-player asset transfers (such as sending currency, guild treasury, trading posts, player-to-player trading) while we investigate. Any player who participated in this exploit will be prosecuted .

As soon as the duplication exploit has been investigated and we are ready to re-enable the wealth transfer, we will update this post. Thank you for your understanding.”

This isn’t the first time New World has had a duplication exploit. Last month the players were able to duplicate their gold and items by sending them to another player and then logging out and then logging back in. Amazon has placed bans on players found to be using this exploit, and it looks like the company will be doing the same again for this new exploit.

Amazon has already fixed a number of bugs and issues, but like other live service titles, all that means is that you put out a fire, the job is done.

New world is available on PC. In IGN’s New World Review, Gabriel Moss said, “New World requires the same investment of time as any other traditional MMO, which means it needs much, much more story content and gameplay variety to fill in the gaps in its vastness Fill game. ” and a beautiful, but otherwise inconspicuous world. “

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