New to Amazon Prime Video in January 2023

New Serie

Magia Records S1 dated 01/01/2023

Modern Love Chennai S1 from 01/01/2023

My little pony: Friendship is magic S1-S5 from 02/01/2023

Reimbursement S1 from 05.01.2023

The Rig S1 of 06.01.2023

Grind S1 from 06.01.2023

German Crime Story: Tied Up S1 dated 01/13/2023

Hunter’s S2 from 01/13/2023

The S2 Test of 01/13/2023

Private Eyes S5 from 01/15/2023

De brutas, nada S1-S3 of 01/18/2023

The legend of Vox Machina S2 from 01/20/2023

Farzi S1 from 01/27/2023

Good Rivals S1 dated 01/27/2023

Can I help you S1 of 01/29/2023

New Movies

The Croods – Everything at the beginning of 01.01.2023

Black site of 01/01/2023

The Descent of 01/01/2023

The spy of 02/01/2023

Come as you are from 03/01/2023

The Suicide Squad of 04/01/2023

Federico Chiesa back on track from 01/04/2023

The honeymoon of 06.01.2023

The Virtuoso of 06.01.2023

The Nest – Having it all is never enough from 06/01/2023

23 walks from 01/09/2023

Taken In LA – Innocence Sold on 01/10/2023

Superhost – No host is alike as of 01/10/2023

Stories of Franz from 01/14/2023

Brotherhood of 01/15/2023

Nigerian trade on 17/01/2023

The Stylist of 01/22/2023

Avengement – Bloody Released on 01/22/2023

The Reef: Hunted from 01/23/2023

KSI: In Real Life 01/27/2023

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