Square Enix has released new details and screenshots for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, the new, soul-like Final Fantasy game from Nioh Studios Team Ninja.

Stranger of Paradise is a new take on the original Final Fantasy and focuses on the hero Jack and his quest to destroy the chaos and return light to the crystals of Cornelia. Today Square Enix introduced Captain Bikke, a pirate Jack and his companions will encounter.

New screenshots from Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

You will meet Bikke on a pirate ship anchored in the Pravoka Seagrot, a new location in the game. The pirate captain wields a two-handed ax in battle. Other characters featured are Cornelia’s royal family, consisting of the King, Queen Jayne, and their daughters Sarah and Mia.

Square Enix has also redesigned the in-combat break display system, where combos and abilities reduce the display of the enemy. Once you are used up, you can defeat the enemy with a single blow. There is also a new ability called Soul Shield that absorbs an enemy’s attack and allows you to fire it directly at them.

And, similar to Dark Souls, Jedi Fallen Order, and other games of the genre, healing Jack at a checkpoint cube will also revive all of the monsters in the area. If you fall in combat, you spawn with the last die healed.

First announced at E3 2021, Stranger of Paradise is not a direct sequel or prequel to Final Fantasy 1. Instead, it sounds like a remix of the first game, using the same setting and some elements of the original story.

After a tough demo phase in which the game was not playable, we got the chance to try Stranger of Paradise, where we said the game “is actually going to be a very promising looking action and soul-like take on the Final Fantasy franchise”. And it could get even better as the developers make changes based on player feedback. You can check out what’s in every issue of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin here.

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