New Peacemaker trailer shows its serious side (and lots of guns)

The new trailer for Peacemaker seems to show a more complex and serious side of the character – not that it doesn’t also include its fair share of cinematic explosions and heavy weapons.

There’s just over a month left before John Cena’s character returns for HBO’s Max ‘Peacemaker. With that in mind, a new trailer has been released for the show that seems to show a more complex side of the superhero / villain.

After quickly becoming a fan favorite on this year’s The Suicide Squad, James Gunn is working with the character again for the upcoming HBO Max series. In the show’s new trailer (which you can check out above), we see a number of sides of Cena’s character. From grappling with family matters to questioning his own desire to fight for peace at all costs, it seems like the killer has developed a new morale that may have been lacking on previous outings.

While the trailer suggests that Peacemaker might have an easier side, it quickly points out the challenges the character might face. “You told me to kill children, you didn’t say why,” Peacemaker asks the mercenary Clemson Mern. “Because the world needs a son of a bitch right now,” he replies somberly at one of the climaxes of the clip.

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