Never vacuum and mop again? The Medion X40 SW robot vacuum can do it

Robot vacuums should help you with the housework and take care of vacuuming and wiping for you. The suction function works in the same way as a conventional vacuum cleaner. Dust and dirt are sucked up from the floor via a suction nozzle and collected in a collection container. Depending on the model, wiping is carried out by brushes or cleaning cloths, which are continuously supplied with water from an internal water tank during the cleaning process.

The Medion X40 SW is a robot vacuum cleaner with a wiping function that is controlled via smartphone using an app. First, the vacuum and mop robot scans the entire living space so that it can move around more efficiently. You can also use the app to set no-go zones and individual wiping performance. Cleaning is done with a main brush and a side brush.

The running time of the robot is approximately 240 minutes, depending on the setting. The vacuum cleaner sucks with a maximum power of 8000 Pa and requires about six hours of charging time once the battery is completely depleted.

Delivery includes robot vacuum cleaner with built-in lithium-ion battery pack, charging station and power supply, side brush (already installed), water tank, two mop pads, side brush spare and a filter.

The Medion X40 SW robot vacuum is currently available in white on Amazon.

product reviewbased on the results of Stiftung Warentest:

Stiftung Wartentest tested the vacuum and floor mopping robot in a robot vacuum cleaner test and rated the Medion X40 SW with a rating of 2.5 (good). The suction function on hard floors and the safety of the vacuum cleaner are particularly impressive. The robot scored fewer points in the “Carpet vacuum” category. However, the price of the robot vacuum makes up for this shortcoming and was therefore chosen by Stiftung Warentest as a “price tip” in the category “robot vacuum with wiping function”.

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