Netflix is ​​aiming to have the “absolute best” gaming service in the industry as it aims to expand its range of playable titles in 2022.

During a recent Pay negotiations, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was asked how the company will approach interactive content in the long term. His answer was simple: “We have to be different at it, there’s no point in just being there,” Hastings said during the interview.

Hastings effectively touted the idea of ​​making Netflix a gaming service that would be competitive with the current industry heavyweights. “We’re definitely ‘creep, walk, run’ and say ‘let’s nail this thing and not just be there for the sake of being there or for a press release.’ But we have to please our members by having the absolute best in the category.”

Hastings ended on an upbeat note, asking the interviewee to ask the question again if Netflix “won games.”

Netflix began rolling out its gaming service in November 2021, allowing gamers with an active Netflix subscription to jump into a range of mobile games at no additional cost. The service originally featured five games launched on Android and Apple devices in 190 countries, including Stranger Things: The Game, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Card Blast, Teeter, and Shooting Hoops.

In the short term, Netflix plans to continue building on this early offering. As part of a shareholder letter On January 20th, the company spoke further about the future of its gaming service:

“Since launch, we’ve released five more games, bringing the total for 2021 to ten. It’s still very early days, but we’re happy with our progress. In 2022, we will expand our portfolio of games into both casual and core gaming genres, while continuing to code a variety of game types to explore what our members enjoy best.”

Hopefully we’ll also hear what’s coming from Night School, the award-winning developer behind Oxenfree, which Netflix bought last year.

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