Netflix, Prime and Co.: The flagship series of 2023


In the 1980s, Germany’s most sinful mile was no quieter than it is today. On the contrary, the Reeperbahn was firmly in the hands of gangs who had divided the neighborhood between them. Often glorified today, all that glittered was not gold, and violence and prostitution went hand in hand. With “Luden”, Prime gives an insight into this era. There is no start date for Prime yet.


When it comes to detective novels, one name is unavoidable in Germany: Sebastian Fitzek. Now Prime is releasing “The Therapy,” a series adaptation that revolves around a father who lost his 12-year-old daughter. The girl has been missing for years without a trace or a body, until a woman knocks on the door of the small isolated house and reports a very similar case. Is there still hope? “The Therapy” does not yet have a 2023 debut date.

The griffin

It becomes magical with Prime in “The Griffin”. Friends Mark, Memo and Becky find themselves in the distant land of the Black Spire, where they must face a terrible monster that threatens the whole world. For centuries the gryphon has subjugated the creatures there and only friends can help now. The series will consist of six parts and is based on a novel by Wolfgang Hohlbein. Here too, the exact beginning is not yet known.

The Continental

There will be three parts to this miniseries, which will set in the “John Wick” cosmos. More precisely in the 1970s at the Continental Hotel, where the gangsters of the time entered and left. We learn new things about familiar faces from the action series and youngsters Winston Scott and Uncle Charlie. Also stars Mel Gibson as Cormac. The series was supposed to run on Disney+, but Peacock could now claim the material for himself. In Germany, the series finds its place on Amazon Prime. The start is planned for the summer of 2023.

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